Energy Resources

Wind Power

prepared certified titles for wind farmsAttorney Persun prepared certified titles for wind farms located in Somerset, Cambria and Blair Counties.

During the last four years, Attorney Persun began performing title work for developers of windfarms. Titles were taken back to the patent and warrant, because of expense of the wind towers. He successfully found land in Blair County that was never warranted and secured the warrant and patent from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on behalf of his client. The windfarms that certified titles were prepared for are located in Somerset, Cambria and Blair County. Attorney Persun’s work has been accepted by Stewart Title Company and Chicago Title Company.

Oil and Gas Exploration

title examination of wells and unitsAttorney Persun prepared in-depth title examination of wells and units. He worked with clients to resolve their title problems.

In January 1978, Attorney Persun began working for C. E. Beck of Oil City, Pennsylvania, on an Amoco Play in Western Pennsylvania. He searched titles in Somerset, Fayette, and Westmoreland Counties in Pennsylvania.

During the summer of 1979, Attorney Persun was assigned for the client, Pennzoil, to search all the titles within the Bradford Oil Field of McKean County, Pennsylvania. While working for C. E. Beck, he searched drill site locations in Somerset, Potter and Northumberland Counties.

In the fall of 1980, Attorney Persun was asked to become a broker for Amoco Production Company in Knoxville, Tennessee. He and his crew leased in all the counties of Eastern Tennessee. Their work generated an Amoco Production Company well in Hancock County, Tennessee. His crew performed all the preliminary title work and obtained the curative for that well. From his Knoxville office, Attorney Persun’s crew also secured leases in The Commonwealth of Virginia and the State of North Carolina.

From 1984 to the present, Attorney Persun has certified titles to oil and gas drill sites in Somerset and Fayette Counties. He has certified titles which include coal ownership within the counties of Somerset, Cambria, Blair, Bedford, Fayette and Westmoreland Counties, Pennsylvania.


title examination of coal interestsAttorney Persun prepares in-depth title examination of coal interests to establish who owns the coal.