Family Law

Custody & Visitation
Child Support

unhappy coupleAttorney Persun is very sensitive to clients having concerns relating to divorce, custody and child support.  As legal aspects of these issues, are worked on, clients are encouraged to attend counseling to resolve the emotional aspects of divorce, custody and support.

If you simply have questions, contact Attorney Persun for a free consultation.  Your privacy will be protected.   A plan to fit your specific need will be outlined.

Attorney Persun will educate you on the law as it applies to your case and to protect your rights.

If you are considering divorce, have a plan.  Do you have a job?  How will you economically support yourself?  Where will you live?

Pertaining to custody of children, parents are encouraged to live within the same school district.  This allows both parents to participate in the school activities and allows more visitations for the non-custodial parent.  If not the same school district, then the same county.

Keep children out of the conflict!  The problems should be worked out between you, your spouse and your attorney(s), not through your children.  Also, children often feel that they are the cause of the problems and must be reassured that this is not the case.  These are very difficult times for you and your family.  Do not be afraid to ask for assistance from family and friends.

If you are served with a Divorce Complaint or a Custody Complaint, telephone Attorney Persun for an appointment to discuss options available to you.

Issues of divorce, child custody and child support are extremely stressful.  Every effort will be made to protect your rights and lessen your stress.