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Real Estate Law

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The purchase of a home is a very important event in a person’s life.  Would you not want a professional on your side to assist you through this process?  Most realtors encourage buyers to use closing companies, but these companies depend on future business from the realtor and not from you.  With a closing company you may never see the person who searched your title.  The person at the closing explaining to you what the bank documents mean may not have more than a high school diploma.

One of the main reasons of the current bank crisis over mortgages was the trend of buyers moving away from not retaining an attorney to represent the buyer and only the buyer.

Attorney Persun is prepared to:

  • Review the sales agreement the realtor proposes prior to you signing the document
  • Review all the bank documents with you and make any necessary changes
  • Search your real estate title back sixty years and secure title insurance for you or just the bank
  • Be present at closing
  • Make sure your Deed gets recorded the same day.

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